Government Authorised Family Planning & TL Centre

The National Health Mission, India approved a total increased budget of 45.1 million Indian Rupees (INR) (US $688,000) for developing and procuring information, education, and communication (IEC) materials and postpartum intrauterine device (IUD) insertion forceps in Maharashtra state’s budget for fiscal year 2017-2018. Increasing access to IEC materials will improve the quality and visibility of family planning information and services in public health facilities across Maharashtra by creating awareness of, enhancing demand for, and promoting a positive outlook toward modern contraceptive methods. The $624,000 allocation for IEC materials represents a budget allocation increase of 272% compared to previous fiscal years. The additional 4.2 million INR ($64,000) allocation to procure 4,700 IUD insertion forceps and 100 postpartum simulation models aims to improve the postpartum family planning service delivery mechanism.

Government Authorised Family Planning Centre

The mission of Family Planning Programme is that all women and men (in reproductive age group) in State will have knowledge of and access to comprehensive range of family planning services, therefore enabling families to plan and space their children to improve the health of women and children.


Immediate goal is to address the unmet need for contraception and improve pregnancy planning and spacing and prevent unintended pregnancy.


Increasing contraception prevalence rate (CPR) of ‘any modern method’ and decrease the total unmet needs for family planning.Promoting spacing methods by improving contraceptive method mix.Promoting family planning usage during post-partum period.Increase male participation and promoting non scalpel vasectomy.Ensuring Quality of Care in family planning services.


Enhanced focus on spacing methodsEnsuring focus on Post-partum Family Planning servicesStrengthening sterilization service deliveryStrengthening quality of service deliveryCreating demand generation for Family Planning servicesCreating PPP models for promoting Family Planning servicesAddressing issues of adolescent age groupStrengthening Family Planning program management at state & district level.

Aaditycare Maternity Hospital & Family Planning Centre

Aadityacare Maternity Hospital is headed by Dr Pradnya Randive Jadhav, she has been advising couples on Family Planning and the issues related to it, She is one the best Family Planning Doctor in Bhandup & Mulund in the Suburbs of Central Mumbai.

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